Desiree Burch



At the intersection of sex, race and capitalism, sits a black woman who can't be f*cked.

A raw and raucous hour from a virtuoso story teller, Desiree Burch lays out a roadmap for escaping the cycle of silence and self-loathing that comes from always being taken for a ride. From dealing with sex in the workplace, to adventures in sex work, Desiree investigates the drives women have to stop sex from becoming work. Unf*ckable celebrates the transformation that happens when you get in the driving seat, stop getting f*cked and start getting f*£%$@!cked.

 Unf*ckable is directed by Sarah Chew.

“The funniest comedian I have ever seen in person.  She left me breathless with laughter”– Scotsgay

“fearlessly self-interrogative, great fun, and less likely to stand on ceremony than stamp on it.” - The Guardian

“a celebratory hour of sex… as it actually is.” - The Skinny

“will leave your sides aching and your lungs gasping... an unstoppable force” - Chortle