About This Is Evolution

Desiree Burch is a high-octane force of nature. Already a Fringe First and Funny Women award winner, this renowned writer, performer and comic now turns to solo stand-up: This Is Evolution explores how her own personality keeps her happily trapped in ‘adultescence’, that prolonged state of adolescence flavoured by a rock ‘n roll lifestyle and snatches of profundity.

In the throes of a self-diagnosed, early-onset midlife crisis, Desiree Burch knows it’s time to ‘woman up’. She has dodged motherhood and suburban banality and moved to a new country, but the one thing she can’t escape is herself. Faced with the prospect of evolving, she wonders if using opposable thumbs to swipe right might be the best she and her generation will ever do. Whatever the case, why is change so f***ing slow???

‘an eye-catching show from a comedian deservedly on the rise’ Brian Logan, The Guardian

‘the funniest comedian I have ever seen in person’SG Fringe

‘Makes Sex and the City seem like a Disney production… Burch is a force of nature.’The Scotsman, Ed Fringe 2011 [about 52 Man Pick-up]

‘Refreshing honesty and unbelievable energy’The List, Ed Fringe 2009 [about 52 Man Pickup]

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