Headshot & Resume





“Full Body Quotation”                                                                           Featured Performer                                            New Museum/Performa ’11

“Tar Baby”                                                                                                  Creator & Performer                                           P.S.122

“52 Man Pickup”                                                                                     Creator & Performer                                          Edinburgh, NY, Hollywood, New Orleans Fringe                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Joe’s Pub, 59E59, Ars Nova, Ohio Theatre

“The Soup Show”                                                                                     Co-Creator & Performer                                  HERE Arts Center                                                      

“Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind”                               NY Ensemble (Lead)                                         The New York Neo-Futurists                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        (2006/2008/2010  NY-IT Award Recipients)  

Smut Performance Series                                                                    Emcee/Curator                                                   Galapagos Art Space                                           

“Romeo and Juliet”                                                                                Nurse (Supporting)                                           Yale University; Stages on the Sound                  

“The Sit-Down Show”                                                                            Creator & Performer                                         Midtown Theatre Festival                                           

“Rip Me Open”                                                                                          CoWriter & Performer                                     Dixon Place; Galapagos Art Space                              

“In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel”                                                             Miriam Conley (Lead)                                     Columbia School of Theater                                      

“Careless”                                                                                                    Creator & Performer                                         CenterStage NY; Mae West Fest

The 24-Hour Plays                                                                                   Featured Performer                                          Atlantic Theater



“Maya’s Soul”                                                                                             Vicky (Featured)                                                 JOCO Films/Conrad Glover   

“PBnJ Beckett”                                                                                            Featured Performer (Lead)                            NY Neo-Futurists/Justin Tolley

“Overtime”                                                                                                   Office Hall Lady (Supporting)                       Victoria Labalme Productions

“The Losers”                                                                                                 Basque Gang Leader (Featured)                   Habib Azar dir.                   

Bodybuilder Island                                                                               Mysterious Woman (Lead)                             Meaty Okra Films/Matt Kliegman



“100 Greatest Bodyshockers”                                                               Featured Commentator                                    E4

“The Watch List” (Pilot)                                                                          “Soul 4 Two # 1”                                                  Comedy Central                      

“Stories of Survival”                                                                                  Reenactment Performer                                  The Maury Show



“Jack In a Box”                                                                                             Jill (Featured)                                                     NYTVF Best New Webseries (2010)

“Best Night Ever”                                                                                         Featured Host                                                      VH1 Networks                                  

“Bitch & Moan”                                                                                              Featured Performer                                         ComedyNet

“No-Fear Shakespeare”                                                                            “As You Like It” Performer                            Barnes & Noble.com



NBC Studios, Carolines, Comix, Gotham, The New Musuem, Culture Project, Ars Nova, NY Improv

Regional: Cleveland, Boston, San Francisco, London, Edinburgh


Yale University  B.A. in Theater Studies

    Performance Studies:  Deb Margolin   |   Stanislavski/Chekhov: James Luse   | Shakespeare:  Toni

Dorfman         Mesiner:  David Krasner ;

Post-Collegiate Training —  Mesiner:  Wynn Handman ; Isaac Byrne   |   Butoh:  Jeff Janisheski


11 years acting/6 years improv comedy experience. Singing (Alto), voice-over, dance/movement, stand-

up/emcee, teaching/work with children, ordained minister/weddings, yoga, photography, swimming, bicycling,

weight training, harness training, corset/fetish training/wear, poetry and essay writing, cigarette rolling, valid

NYS driver’s license.  Languages:  French (5 years study); Dialects:  Southern American, British, French.

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